High School Business Challenge


1st stage of the contest has just started!

We are happy to announce, that first stage of the fourth edition of High School Business Challenge has already started. Tasks have been sent to the teams, which are supposed to deliver their answers by January 31th. Scores will be announced on 7th February. Good luck!

Registration is over

Thank you and we wish all the participants good luck. The tasks will be sent to team leaders on 17.01.2018.

What are you waiting for?

Here is our next character! Mateusz saw information about the competition in his school, but he didn’t have anybody to sign with him... And here was our form to help him! Mateusz signed up alone and we found a team for him:) competition was over, but their friendship will last!

The registration has begun!

The registration has begun! Meet first of our characters. He had one dream... hard to be fulfilled in high school. But thanks to High School Business Challenge he managed to do it! Let us introduce to you Wiktor and his story.

Team registration

The team registration for the 4th edition of competition has just begun - to take part in it you just have to fill the form until 11.01.

Find a team

You don't have your team set yet? We've got great news for you! From this edition on we lend a hand to you in assembling your crews. If you want to take part in our competition but you are lacking a full squad fill in the application form and let us do the rest for you! We'll set the teams within one region and let you know about the members after the registration ends. Don't lose your chance to take part in the only case study based competition for high-school students in Poland. Fill in the application form today.

The 4th edition of the contest

There is only a dozen days left until the beginning of the registration process! Go and follow our Facebook fan page and Instagram profile today! So you can make sure you don’t miss any important dates. Registration begins December, 11th and will last up to January, 11th. So you have exactly one month to form a team and achieve success together.

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About the contest

High School Business Challenge is the 1st nationwide contest that is being conducted in the form of a case study, it is aimed towards students attending high schools. The effective management of an enterprise and wealth requires gaining knowledge in fields such as finance, marketing, psychology, ethics, management of human resources and also the ability to analyze and interoperate data. The participants of HSBC have the chance to make use of their knowledge in simulated real life situations.

Exercises in the form of case study

In HSBC we focus on creativity, innovation and the ability of our contestants to apply knowledge in the real world. The inspiring and interesting format of the contest helps to create an ability to work in groups and under high pressure. The high variety of tasks tests the ability of analyzing, choosing the proper field of knowledge and the applying of your solutions to the tasks by using these abilities. HSBC is also a great chance to get to know the wide variety of everyday tasks that you can stumble upon in your business career. Furthermore the contest gives you a chance to perfect skills that are needed in multiple fields.

Prizes worth over 15 000 zł

From year to year the winning teams receive bigger and bigger prizes – last year it was 10 000zł. Besides this there are anticipated material rewards for laureates and finalists.

Improving practical skills

In HSBC we want to promote and improve real life skills which are very useful in professional and personal life. During the 2nd and 3rd stage of the contest we organize workshops and training for teams. Workshops and trainings are conducted by professionals skilled in multiple fields. They not only help you prepare for the next stage of the contest but also give a valuable experience for the future and a perfect opportunity to meet new people. We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook where you can find interesting advice and information.

Registration for the next edition is coming soon!

Soon the registration will be open to the next edition of the contest, in order to help you remember about it we encourage following us on our facebook fanpage. Although registration hasn’t begun yet you can start forming the team you will be working with in HSBC now!


4th Edition Schedule



11.12 - 11.01


Online test

17.01 - 31.01






14.04 - 15.04


Most often asked questions

I would like to take part in the contest. Who do I talk to?

You don’t need the permission of your school officials or teachers. All you need is to register your team and inform us about your tutor.

Can team consist of contestants form different schools and cities?

Yes, your team can consist of contestants form different schools and cities. The district that the team will be registered in will be chosen based on the school of your group leader.

Can I be a part of more than one team?

Unfortunately, no. One contestant can only be a part of one team.

Do I have to pay for participating in the contest?

No, the participation is completely free although the organizer doesn’t cover the cost of transportation in later stages.

Will the answers be published?

Yes, the answers from the 1st stage will be published after the deadline for sending the solutions to the tasks.

How many members can my team consist of?

Teams can consist of 3 to 5 members.

What awards do the participants receive?

Material prizes and internships in prestigious firms.

Who can be the tutor of the team?

Everyone, it doesn’t have to be a teacher but this doesn’t mean that you can choose a random person. The tutor should be engaged in the work of the team and be willing to help in the preparation.

If I am taking part in a different competition do I have to resign in the later stages of HSBC?

No, the originator will try to make possible for the contestant to take part in a different location but without changing the the dates of competition.