Organizatorzy konkursu

Students’ Business Club

The most popular and fastest growing students' club at the Warsaw School of Economics. We are a community of students which through their work/actions want to change the world surrounding world. We are aware that our activity during studies at the WSE is a valuable extension to our education and future work. It is thanks to projects like these that we able get to meet extraordinary and inspiring people along with gaining valuable skills and experiences.

Warsaw School of Economics

The Warsaw School of Economics is the best university in Poland in the field of economics. For over 100 years it has been educating the top politicians specializing in economics, teachers cherished on foreign universities, managers of resilient international corporations and best analysts in Poland. The characteristic quality of the Warsaw School of Economics are the numerous student organizations which are the most active in all of Poland. Together they conduct professional studies with budgets often reaching thousands of polish zlotych.

The Economic Studies Foundation of Promotion and Accreditation

Their main goal is the promotion of economic studies among students from polish schools. They are the organizers of The Entrepreneurship Contest, The Entrepreneurship Week and other similar business related events. They are also the founder of the YoungMBA certificate. The initiators of the Foundation are experienced and determined WSE workers that believe in spreading the concept of entrepreneurship amongst young polish citizens.